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July 2017

TreePlayer is a beta app that uses Melbourne’s  Urban Forest and Tree Canopy datasets to create an emergent soundscape.
Watch our pitch video or a short screen test.

Developed for the 2017 GovHack competition by Alice Choi, Courtney Foote, Alex Holland, Jules Rutten + me.

Article to be published in the forthcoming Inflection Vol. 5 Feedback.


Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

November 2015

Urban design and augmented reality proposal developed for the MSD architecture thesis studio ‘Designing for Dementia’. 

Titled Gladys in Wonderland, the project addresses the challenges of navigating the public realm with dementia by developing a set of design principles intended to provide a guide to urban planners and designers. Then the principles are translated to AR via a hypothetical wearable device. The proposal is explored through a routine journey made by our protagonist Gladys.

View my thesis journal or read a short article I wrote on my thesis studio in conversation with studio leader Brian Kidd.

Gift to the City IV

Too Much is Too Much

June 2015

Representational Art is dead, now replaced by an Art of     Collusion and the Transaesthetic Spectacle. The Cultural   Omnivore (indiscriminate consumer of Art) enters the Beast, uncaringly part of a Great Chorerography: a Great Conspiracy.”

This fiction draws together threads of Bourdieu, Foucault and Baudrillard: Cultural Capital, and emergence of the Cultural Omnivore, the Conspiracy of Art and the triumph of the sign over the signified.

Created for Scott Woods’ architecture design studio at MSD, Gift to the City IV.

Read the studio brief. Or view my project in full and watch my short accompanying video work.

Crowdfunding Architecture


November 2014